Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Invites Finished!!!


Hours of tinkering away, and having paper and glue and scissors and bits and bobs disbursed throughout the lounge...its finally over. Nic and I ceremoniously posted out half of them today and have the rest to deliver by hand. We're really happy with how they turned out. Even putting them into the post box was scary because we'd spent so many hours working on them that the thought of some grumpy post man throwing them around and squishing them wasnt great. Oh well...its out of our hands now. Hopefully they will arrive looking the same as when they left our hands.

We postponed the celebrant meeting for next week because we havent had time to scratch ourselves this week let alone sit down and read through pages of vows and come up with something we're happy with.

Went to the Oesteo today to fix up the crinks in my neck from hunching over the craft table for too long. Didnt account 2 x $80 visits to Oesteo in the invite budget lol.

So....if this is reason 2 to elope...your body will thank you :)

Signing off with hot glue burns, paper cuts and sticky fingers
Kate xx

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  1. and well worth every scar they are too - absolutely gorgeous : )
    now you just need us slackers to send in their RSVPs!