Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Invites Finished!!!


Hours of tinkering away, and having paper and glue and scissors and bits and bobs disbursed throughout the lounge...its finally over. Nic and I ceremoniously posted out half of them today and have the rest to deliver by hand. We're really happy with how they turned out. Even putting them into the post box was scary because we'd spent so many hours working on them that the thought of some grumpy post man throwing them around and squishing them wasnt great. Oh well...its out of our hands now. Hopefully they will arrive looking the same as when they left our hands.

We postponed the celebrant meeting for next week because we havent had time to scratch ourselves this week let alone sit down and read through pages of vows and come up with something we're happy with.

Went to the Oesteo today to fix up the crinks in my neck from hunching over the craft table for too long. Didnt account 2 x $80 visits to Oesteo in the invite budget lol.

So....if this is reason 2 to elope...your body will thank you :)

Signing off with hot glue burns, paper cuts and sticky fingers
Kate xx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tim the tool man eat your heart out!

How I've managed to need pliers, hot glue, a plank of wood and a hammer for these invites i'll never know :) Got another section completed tonight, tomorrow comes the fun part of printing the important parts so people know who what when and where. Nic has been a great help...precision slicer and dicer!

Getting a little scared about my dress, the last fitting wasnt quite as i had expected, the material i have picked to go with my colourful material looks VERY different when theres a lot of it. Verdict is still out until we see the final product. Starting to hear in the back of my head the little reminiscent 'i told you so's' in relation to getting a dress made and designed from scratch. Oh well...avoiding traditional gowns comes with the anxiety of having it potentially turn out like a techno-coloured yawn lol. Taree, my dress maker/designer has been great though, she has put so much work into it and I know she'll pull it together.

we've made an appointment with our celebrant next tuesday morning to run through some ideas for vows etc. Neither of us are keen on a mushy poems and bible bashing, our celebrant is a personal trainer during the week, so as long as we dont have to drop and give her 20 i think the ceremony will be pretty straight forward.
Celebrant: Do you love her?
Nic: Yep
Celebrant: Do you love him?
Kate: Yep
Celebrant: Promise not to kill each other?
Both: Yep
Celebrant: Nic, kate has asked to put this in the vows specifically...Do you promise to put up with her pesting you every day so long as you live, this includes fingers in ears, raspberries, belly button poking, tickling...and any other pesting she deems necessary and giving up full control of the remote.
Nic : * deafening silence*...crap, what have i got myself into!

We think we've picked the song we want for when I walk down the isle (absolutely cra*ping  myself about that part), its got a bit of base to it, its a Nitin Sawhney song called Sunsets, took us a while to find the mix we like but Nic finally found it on Ebay. It  reminds us of when we first started dating....awww...a little bit of mush is least its not a Daniel O'Donnell song, gotta love those sweater vests.

Signing off now.
Kate xx