Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1. Invites!

Thought i'd kick this one off after finishing slicing, dicing and gluing the outer shell of our invites.

After more hours, nights, pages (& glue sticks) than I care to count - thank you babe for all your slicing, dicing & hot glue burns.

The outer layer is from the US, the base made of Chili and enough buttons to suit a Russian Army!

After trolling through many 'bridal fairs' for ideas and coming across our 17th stall of chocolate, cream and silver we decided to run with something more to our own taste. Little did we realise!

Reason #1 - Eloping means less invites, more surprises. Fewer papercuts and more sleep.


  1. ah but you can't keep an artist down ... if it wasn't wedding invitations it'd be another creative project... admit it!!

  2. True - but at least this one will get finished (or at least it had better!)

    we had shells and hot glue strands EVERYWHERE for over a year!